Orlando Blooms a stache

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Stumbled on this post from I’m not obsessed, about Orlando Bloom and his recent mustache. I personally would have to vote against it. In a way it actually makes him look younger lol, check out more pics



New Users!

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Ton of New users over at flashyourstache.com! These new pics are hilarious, go and rate them! Keep it or shave it?!


The bearded legend


The drunk guy 


The weird beird? 


The carnaval guy 

Stickers at it again

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More great postings with our infamous staches stickers, check out these poster victims. Oh, and if you want to sign of up for a free pack, hit up flashyourstache, and go to “upload”, also posted on flikr



Jack Black- Bringing the mustache back

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Enough said, lol
Check it out at MTV.com


Battle of the Day

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Check this battle out over at flashyourstache.com– the battle of the bow ties. One has a mustache, one a “neckbeard”, both bow ties. Who deserves the title of flashyourstache facial hair battle winner??


Mustache History

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I just realized we never linked to the wikipedia post on the mustache. Well here it is; read up & get educated on the stache!


Stache Stickers!!!!!!!

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Since we’ve sent out the stickers they’ve been a hit! Check out all the creative things you can do with them on flickr, or right here:

Also, if you want to get your own pack, go here and click “upload”



Tom Selleck Wallpapers

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Some cool Tom Selleck wallpapers at americanmustache.com. Download one so you can have a wallpaper of the king of the mustache himself


Seth Green aka Chris Griffin and his mustache

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Seth Green, looking like a red head Luigi at some opening, maybe he grew the stache in conjunction with Peter Griffin?



Family Guy Peter Griffin grows a Mustache

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On the lastest episode of Family Guy, Peter Griffin is inspired to grow a mustache, then is thought to be a fireman because he has a stache. He also thinks he can speak Italian with the mustache.”With great mustache comes great responsibility”

Sorry everyone ,looks like the videos were taken off for copywright stuff, heres some stills:



Sasha Baron Mercury

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Sasha Baron Cohen was perfectly casted to play Freddy Mercury in an upcoming movie. Nice staches! This little bit from stereogum


Stache of the Week

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Rich “Goose” Gossage has just been inducted into the baseball hall of fame. Congrats to him. He has also been inducted into our Baseball Player Handlebar Mustache Hall of Fame



Facial Hair Styles

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Here is a more trendy version of the facial hair styles chart. Can be used as a guide for those of you who want to show off some cool facial hair


First new users of 08′

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Check out these new users on flashyourstache.com



Facial hair flair

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Having trouble maintaining your facial hair?, check out this short grooming guide, reviewing trendy facial hair styles among celebrities. Note: pretty corny, but entertainingadrien_grenier_beard.jpg

New Users!

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Check out these new users flashing their staches on flashyourstache.com

Pre and Bager V

Power of the stache

Naught Nesbitt

New Users!

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Great new users on flashyourstache.com- check’em out




The Omnipotent One

The Mustaches of Tombstone Extravaganza

December 17, 2007 at 5:53 pm | Posted in Celebrity Mustaches | 3 Comments
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Every single guy in this western classic is rocking a solid mustache, great movie too



Baseball Mustache Hall of Fame

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Maxim did an article about the best staches in baseball history, check it out

Staches separated at birth

December 7, 2007 at 4:43 pm | Posted in Battle of the week | 2 Comments
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Check out this battle on flashyourstache.com, these two guys must have been separated at birth. Only one became a wrestler, one became a cabbie.


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