The ultimate grooming guide

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If you want/need grooming tips for your facial hair check this page at; it has many very detailed tips on maintaining and grooming your facial hair, as well as styling tips. Check it out!



Battle of the Day

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Check this battle out over at– the battle of the bow ties. One has a mustache, one a “neckbeard”, both bow ties. Who deserves the title of flashyourstache facial hair battle winner??


Stache Stickers!!!!!!!

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Since we’ve sent out the stickers they’ve been a hit! Check out all the creative things you can do with them on flickr, or right here:

Also, if you want to get your own pack, go here and click “upload”



Great Bearded Directors

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With the new Indiana Jones movie coming out in mind, check out this classic picture of the two great bearded directors, Steven Speilberg and George Lucas. Probably from sometime in the late 70’s early 80’s


The Bearded Linemen of the New England Patriots

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With the Patriots going into the Superbowl, we have to point out that a few of their linemen including Daniel Koppen, Matt Light, and Logan Mankins, have grown out thier beards. Maybe to look fiercer?, who knows. Attack of the Norsemen!!





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I found this site, all about beards, probably the best site about the topic of beards on the net. You can learn about different styles, grooming, styling, how to grow, everything! For the true beard enthusiasts, check it out!


Facial Hair Styles

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Here is a more trendy version of the facial hair styles chart. Can be used as a guide for those of you who want to show off some cool facial hair


Late Night Beards

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Because of the writers strike, both David Letterman and Conan O’Brien have grown their “strike beards”. The Gothamist held a vote to see who looks best with facial hair. Go and vote!


British Stache Hall of Fame

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Check out this article on BBC, where a British organization, the Beard Liberation Front, named the British celebrities with the best beards and mustaches. Heres the list:

plant.jpg Robert Plant

rafael_benitez_310x470.jpg Rafael Benitez

sir-richard-branson.jpg Sir Richard Branson

montypanesar18.jpg Monty Panesar

Facial hair flair

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Having trouble maintaining your facial hair?, check out this short grooming guide, reviewing trendy facial hair styles among celebrities. Note: pretty corny, but entertainingadrien_grenier_beard.jpg

Religion united by the beard

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Check out our newest page, a compilation of images of different people of various religions who wear beards. Interesting how people of so many faiths wear beards for various reasons linked to religion


The many beards of Santa

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In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve decided to continue to post about the bearded saint. Here are many forms Santa has taken. Some are from various countries, others just comical…



The History of Santa Claus

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The most recognizable bearded figure in American culture must be none other than the gift-giver himself Santa Claus. Many people might not know about the history of Santa Claus, who evolved from the Saint, St. Nicholas, so here is some material to read up on it



whoa! that beard looks real!

Battle of the Week

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Check out these two turbaned beard-wearers, except one is an impersonator, but who has the better beard?


Battle of the Day

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The dark wizard vs. the dark elve, they’re supposed to be on the same team!


2007 World Beard and Moustache Championships

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Pics from this recent stache championship at

Stache Contest

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Check out some contestants and their wierd-*ss beards and staches from the last World Beard and Moustache Championships in Berlin, Germany. These dudes must have alot of time on their hands:

Read up on history

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old school staches!

check out the history of the stache at and a list of different styles of facial hair at, please note: the neckbeard is an extinct style that should never be worn

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