Vector Staches

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Awesome vector staches for all you designers out there at


Attack of the Stickers II

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Attack of the stickers!!!

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Need to keep your face warm??

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Keep your face warm for the rest of the winter with this beard cap from This thing is pretty hilarious, it would be great to see someone actually rocking one of these. Notice the massive mustache- best feature!


The ultimate grooming guide

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If you want/need grooming tips for your facial hair check this page at; it has many very detailed tips on maintaining and grooming your facial hair, as well as styling tips. Check it out!


The Authority on the Mustache

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One of the most official sites on the Mustache, The American Mustache Institute. Check it out for paraphernalia, news, videos, interviews, and anything else mustache-related. For the true mustache enthusiast.


More stickers!

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Check out the latest sticker vandalisms with our notorious stache stickers. Also on flickr, and a free sticker pack can be ordered at go to upload.



Orlando Blooms a stache

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Stumbled on this post from I’m not obsessed, about Orlando Bloom and his recent mustache. I personally would have to vote against it. In a way it actually makes him look younger lol, check out more pics


Mustache pins anyone?

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If mustache pins are for you, here is the spot- girlontherocks from Also, a tonnnn of mustache paraphernalia is available on, including mustache t shirts, fake mustaches, prints, practically anything


Cool new site

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I just ran into this hilarious and creative mustache contest site, Ezra’s Mustache Contest. Shows comical  before and after photos of the contestants

Ezra’s 3rd Quasi-Annual Mustache Contest o7′ 


New Users!

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Ton of New users over at! These new pics are hilarious, go and rate them! Keep it or shave it?!


The bearded legend


The drunk guy 


The weird beird? 


The carnaval guy 

Stache of the Week

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Jason Shwartzman. Cool mustache from Wes Anderson’s latest film, the Darjeeling Limited. Haven’t seen it yet, but I know this young actor is rocking a stache in it. Girls beware!!


Stickers at it again

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More great postings with our infamous staches stickers, check out these poster victims. Oh, and if you want to sign of up for a free pack, hit up flashyourstache, and go to “upload”, also posted on flikr



Jack Black- Bringing the mustache back

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Enough said, lol
Check it out at


Battle of the Day

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Check this battle out over at– the battle of the bow ties. One has a mustache, one a “neckbeard”, both bow ties. Who deserves the title of flashyourstache facial hair battle winner??


Awsome Blog

February 7, 2008 at 9:07 pm | Posted in Home | 1 Comment
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I just ran into one of the best and most comical mustache blogs I’ve seen yet, Below the Nose. These guys have been taking regular candid shots of random guys with mustaches all around the world. Anyone who digs this subject has got to check it out, its awesome!!! :

Below The Nose


Politics on the Mustache

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For all you Democratic Mustache- Americans, lol
video clip – MovMustache a Must-For? Democrats!


Mustache History

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I just realized we never linked to the wikipedia post on the mustache. Well here it is; read up & get educated on the stache!


Stache Stickers!!!!!!!

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Since we’ve sent out the stickers they’ve been a hit! Check out all the creative things you can do with them on flickr, or right here:

Also, if you want to get your own pack, go here and click “upload”



Don’t Mess with the Goatee

January 31, 2008 at 6:21 pm | Posted in Celebrity Mustaches, Home | 1 Comment
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Adam Sandler here rocking a goatee from the new movie he just filmed, Don’t Mess With the Zohan, where he plays an Israeli ex-military hairdresser. Don’t mess with the goatee!



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